Our site uses cookies. Cookies are defined by Wikipedia as short text files generated by a web server and stored on your computer by your browser. When you return to the same website later, the browser sends the stored cookie back and the server retrieves all the information it had previously stored for you.

The principle of cookies makes it possible to distinguish users and store specific information about them. For example, a cookie lets the server know what language settings you selected on your last visit or what items you had saved in your shopping cart. Cookies therefore facilitate personalisation.

Various statistics and other measurement systems also work on the principle of cookies, which store the visitor's identifier, sometimes the time or source of the visit and other information in the cookie. By using the same identifier on other sites, they can then track and monitor the user's behaviour. Cookies are therefore a prerequisite for functional web analytics.

Cookies are also used to store confirmation that the user is logged in (e.g. to the e-shop, administration, social network, etc.). We are talking about the so-called authentication cookie here. Without it, the server wouldn't know that the user has already logged in and authenticated, and would require it on every subsequent visit to the site.

In any case, the cookie cannot provide the server with any data from your hard drive, nor does it reveal your email address or any other information about the browser user.

Can I control cookies?

Yes. Some people don't want cookies stored, so there are a number of ways to control them.

Common web browsers allow you to manage cookies in their settings. You can delete, enable or disable them according to your needs. For more information on how to manage cookies, please see your browser's help.

Another option is to browse the site in anonymous mode. Cookies created in anonymous mode are deleted when all anonymous mode windows are closed. Keep in mind that with cookies disabled, the browsing experience or the functionality of the shopping process may be significantly reduced.

What types of cookies we use

You can look at the cookies our website uses by their expiry date or the purpose for which they are used.

Cookie expiry date:

Short-lived cookies only remain on your computer until you close your browser window.

Long-term cookies stay on your computer longer or until you delete them. How long a cookie exists in your browser depends on its settings and your browser settings.

Purpose of cookies:


They allow you to track traffic to the site. These cookies help us improve our store to make it more user-friendly.

Tracking and remarketing cookies.

They help us select relevant advertising for our customers.


They are used to increase the relevance of ad content and target ads correctly.


Used to evaluate the ads and sources from which our customers come to us.

By browsing this site and setting your browser settings, you consent to the use of cookies.