Energy costs are a significant part of the total cost, especially for industrial customers. Optimal contracting of energy supply is therefore crucial for them.
That's why we are here – the UCED Group. We are ready to comprehensively assess your energy system and ensure its delivery. Although commodity sales are not our core business, as a modern energy technology company we understand that optimal commodity purchasing is important to you. In these times of high volatility in electricity and natural gas prices, it is more important than ever to correctly
set contractual terms, choose the most suitable product and optimally time the purchase. We select the most suitable solution for you so that it is not only optimal in terms of historical consumption, but also after the implementation of energy projects that often significantly change the size and structure of consumption.
We offer transparent, cost-effective supply of electricity and natural gas for corporate customers and individual consumers.
We will also support you on your journey towards your environmental goals to reduce your carbon footprint and prepare the optimal provision of green electricity.

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