Part of the changes in the energy sector is the transition from the traditional central energy sector with large power plants to a new, decentralised and greener energy sector. This change is also supported by legislation.
On the one hand, it brings a better environment, while on the other hand it places increased demands on the management of the electricity system. The stability of the system and its resilience to outages was largely ensured by the conventional large coal-fired sources, which supplied so-called support services to ČEPS (the Czech transmission system operator). Gradual decommissioning of these sources will require power regulation by other sources. The solution is to use smaller flexible resources and create virtual aggregated blocks. They may include
cogeneration units, photovoltaic power plants or other sources of electricity generation. The control of the electricity system can also include appliances – charging stations for electric mobility, electric boilers, mills, pumps, as well as HVAC and air conditioning systems. With us, you can monetise your flexible resources by joining our virtual power plant and gain an additional revenue stream without negatively impacting your operational standards.

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