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UCED BIO s.r.o. operates its own energy source that utilizes phytomass for combined production of electricity and heat, with complete construction and technological accessories and services in the industrial area of ČKD Kutná Hora, a.s. The fuel for the energy source consists of cereal and rapeseed straw, as well as purposefully cultivated energy crops in the form of standardized bales.

No. of Supply points
39 MWt

Informations for SUPPLIERS

UCED BIO company purchases biomass according to the following specifications:

  • Cereal, rapeseed straw, and grasses either in loose form or already compacted in square bales.
  • Dimensions of the bales: width 120 cm, height 70-100 cm, length approximately 240 cm.
  • We prefer transportation distances within 50 km from Kutná Hora. However, we are open to negotiating transportation for longer distances.
  • Long-term collaboration - contracts for 10 years.
  • Compaction and handling are provided by contracted partners from various regions or by the farmers themselves.
  • For fuel suppliers, we offer the possibility of purchasing certified fertilizer called Popelák - fertilizer registration, chemical analysis, and package leaflet can be downloaded from the company's documents.
  • Contact: Jakub Kavalír: +420 736 651 611
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Informations for CUSTOMERS

Procedure for filing a complaint regarding the billing of heat energy supply:

Customers can file a complaint regarding the billing of heat energy supply by:

  • Sending a written complaint to the address: UCED BIO s.r.o., Karlov 197, Kutná Hora 284 01.

  • Sending an electronic complaint via e-mail to: ucedbio@uced.cz.

Customers can file a complaint regarding the billing of heat energy supply within 30 days from the date of receiving the billing statement.

Customer's rights in resolving disputes regarding heat energy supply or billing:

Disputes arising from the contract between the parties will be resolved by general courts in accordance with applicable laws. If the Energy Regulatory Office has jurisdiction over the dispute under the legal provisions, the dispute will be submitted to them for a decision.

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UCED BIO s.r.o.

Karlov 197, 284 01, Kutná Hora
IČO: 284 974 22

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