About us

Our source is located in the industrial zone of Prostějov city. The electrical output is connected to the local distribution system through a 110 kV connection. For electricity generation, we exclusively utilize natural gas as an environmentally friendly fuel of modern energy technology. Our primary focus is on providing support services for the operators of the Czech transmission system. In doing so, we significantly contribute to the stabilization of the electrical transmission system of the Czech Republic and the local distribution system. Our goal is to continue ensuring a safe and reliable supply of electricity. Additionally, we aim to expand the current operations with additional energy units and offer further services to existing and future partners.

No. of Supply points
58 MWe


Elektrárna Prostějov

Adresa: Rovná 4615, Prostějov, 79601 Prostějov
Sídlo: Sokolovská 675/9, Karlín, 186 00 Praha
IČO: 9820906, DIČ: CZ09820906

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